CdnVISA Advisors Inc. operates a global network of
Ambassadors to market CdnVISA immigration and job
placement services to Applicants

You may be eligible to join our team by
becoming a CdnVISA Ambassador

Ambassadors focus on recruiting Applicants who are:
• Motivated and eligible to immigrate to Canada
• Prepared to enter into a CdnVISA Client Service Agreement


CdnVISA will provide your Applicants with immigration
assistance and/or job placement service
• Ambassadors market CdnVISA services to clients
   • CdnVISA provides applicants with immigration and job
     placement services

Your Ambassador fees are contracted
from CdnVISA Advisors Inc.

CdnVISA Ambassador System
   • Contracted Ambassador Fee structure
   • Unlimited territorial rights (recruit from anywhere)
   • Customized Ambassador Business Plans
   • Ambassadors need only provide marketing services

   • Provides all required forms & documents
   • Maintains a Canadian Employer database
   • Maintains a Canadian business-for-sale database
   • Represents over 100 school campuses in Canada

ICCRC regulations require applicants:
   • To be protected with CdnVISA Client Contracts
   • Contracted directly with CdnVISA
   • Pay fees directly to CdnVISA in trust

CdnVISA provides "No-Fee" placement
services to eligible Applicants

Ambassadors may be responsible for a one-time
Ambassadorship fee to offset a portion of the
start-up costs incurred by CdnVISA for:
   • Business Plan preparation
   • Documentation
   • Training
   • Administration