CdnVISA Immigration Consultants.
is an Immigration and Recruitment consulting firm

The unique CdnVISA approach to immigration services
is that your immigration case will be managed by a
professional immigration team of both licensed
CdnVISA Immigration Consultants and Foreign Recruiters.

The Immigration Team

The Immigration Team approach allows us to be an
integral part of your entire immigration process 

   • To help you solve your immigration puzzle
   • To better manage every critical part of your case

More than just immigration consulting... 

   • Client Centered Case Management
   • Specialized focus and knowledge of immigration law
   • Keeping up to date with the rules and regulations
   • Years of Hands-On immigration experience
   • Concern for your personal issues - We care about you

Memberships & Associations

CdnVISA is qualified to maintain memberships
and associations with the following:

   • Immigration Consultants Regulatory Council of Canada
   • Institute of Chartered Accountants of Manitoba
   • Canadian Association of Professional
     Immigration Consultants
   • Association of Certified Immigration Advisors
   • Manitoba Immigration Consultants Association
   • Human Resource Management Association
   • Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce 
   • Manitoba Chamber of Commerce

How You Benefit

Expertise & Experience
The Immigration Team draws upon years of hands-on
legal immigration and consulting experience to provide
you results that only seasoned immigration specialists 
can deliver to you. 

Personal Commitment
Your immigration issue will be personally managed by
an Immigration Team member resolved to minimizing 
your concerns, and to delivering you results
on time, on budget. 

Optimized Resources
You will get the services you need, when you need
them, delivered by an Immigration Team that works
together with you. 


Frank Goldberg

CEO - CdnVISA Immigration Consultants
   • Chartered Accountant
   • Management Consultant
   • Certified Immigration Consultant
   • Licensed Foreign Recruiter