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A Foreign Worker Recruitment Plan should be an integral component of your Human Resource Plan, as almost 70%
of Canadian companies face domestic labour shortages

Foreign recruitment is a low cost - high ROI - proven strategy that no Canadian business can afford to overlook. That's
why 40% of Canadian businesses currently rely upon Foreign Workers to augment their labour force

    • Comply with Federal & Provincial Regulations
    • Target searches for suitable applicants
    • Verify Foreign Worker qualifications & experiences
    • Confirm Foreign Worker credentials
    • Pre-screen Foreign Workers for immigration eligibility
    • Coordinate Foreign Worker interviews
    • Ensure appropriate documentation
    • Facilitate travel and work-start issues
Legally Authorized Representation

Government Compliance is Crucial

Canadian Law requires that any person that provides immigration, recruitment or placement services, must be an authorized person appropriately registered, licensed, regulated & insured in Canada.

Canadian employers seeking any form of recruitment immigration advice or assistance, may only contract with authorized persons at any stage in the recruitment or immigration process. The Law prohibits the contracting of unauthorized representatives to assist in the preparation of applications to Service Canada.

Non Compliance Consequences

The use of unauthorized representatives can result in the Canadian Government prohibiting the employer from participating in Foreign Worker Programs, substantial fines or imprisonment

Every company labour situation is unique

At CdnVISA, we approach each and every client's Foreign Worker Recruitment Plan from the employer's perspective.

Develop your Foreign Worker Recruitment Plan With CdnVISA's experience, skill-set and network
  • Comply with all Provincial & Federal regulations
  • Incorporate the realities of the marketplace
  • Optimize your human resources
  • Work within the constraints of your resources

CdnVISA Immigration Consultants Licensed Foreign Worker Recruiters
CdnVISA is licensed to represent and coach you through your Foreign Worker challenges.   Our experience will help you identify and hire qualified applicants at a very reasonable cost.  
      • 100% Worker Replacement Guarantees
      • Instant access to our foreign recruitment offices
      • Access our Foreign Worker database
      • Control your interview and hiring processes
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