Work in Canada

Solve the Puzzle to Work in Canada

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The Canadian Federal Government and most provinces have programs designed to offset Canada's skilled labour shortages.

Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) offers a free Workbook for Canadian Foreign Workers .

You May Enter Canada To Work And
Remain To Become A Permanent Resident

Permanent Resident Visa rights extend to your spouse
and your dependent children

Skilled Worker Immigration to Canada

A Two Step Process

STEP 1 - Job Placement

You will require:

  • A Job Offer from a qualified Canadian employer
  • A Labour Market Impact Assessment from the Government
  • A Work Permit from the Canadian Government
STEP 2 - Immigration

While working in Canada, you may, without leaving Canada:

  • Extend your Work Permit
  • Apply for Express Entry
  • Apply for a Provincial Nomination
  • Apply for Permanent Residence in Canada

As Licensed and Registered Foreign Worker Recruiters, CdnVISA recruits Foreign Workers on behalf of Canadian employers, who pay all the costs and fees associated with the recruitment process.

Recruitment services find an Applicant for an Employer.
Applicants do not pay any recruitment costs.
Placement services find an Employer for an Applicant.

CdnVISA offers No-Fee Placement Services

CdnVISA provides placement services to qualified Foreign Workers at no charge. This service is an integral part of Employer Recruitment services which CdnVISA provides to Canadian employers.

Find out if you are qualified for
CdnVISA's No-Fee Placement Services.

Immigration Consulting Services
As an immigration applicant you are responsible for your own consulting fees. You should select an immigration consultant that will be free of any conflicts and will act exclusively in your best interests. To facilitate and accelerate your immigration process, we recommend that you retain an immigration consultant before you attempt to submit any documents on your own behalf.
By law, Applicants recruited by CdnVISA, are precluded from accessing CdnVISA immigration services