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Every CdnVlSA client receives a personalized RoadMap™
An exclusive benefit to every CdnVlSA client
  • Your RoadMap™coordinates, tracks and reports on your process throughout the course of your immigration to Canada.
  • Your RoadMap™ provides you with a logical, consecutive, clearly stated, written set of tasks and responsibilities for participant in your immigration case.
  • Your RoadMap™ensures accountability to you from your Ambassador, CdnVISA Consultant and Employer
  • Your RoadMap™clearly shows you every approval expected from all of the Government agencies involved in your case.
  • Your RoadMap™establishes a series of easily understood immigration milestones that you can expect along the way. This allows you to control costs and to more accurately estimate your time frames.

Participants involved in your
Foreign Recruitment Program,

Every Step Of your Recruitment program is presented to you in a
logical, consecutive, and
clearly stated graphical format.

Every participant's
responsible are clearly stated.

You 's can easily follow every step as it is completed.

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CdnVISA RoadMap™
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