The Best Place in the World To Study 

   • Canadian schools offer a wide range of
     internationally recognized diplomas
   • Canadian tuition rates are the most
     economical of English speaking countries
   • Foreign students may apply to work while studying
   • Graduates may apply for Permanent Residence  

International Student Permit Requirements 

   • Acceptance from a recognized Canadian 
     school, university or college
   • Sufficient funds while studying in Canada
     for both tuition fees and living expenses
   • No medical, criminal or security issues  

Solve Your Student Permit Puzzle 

   • CdnVISA is licensed to recruit at over 100
     campus locations throughout Canada  
   • CdnVISA has counselled hundreds of Students
     to study in and immigrate to Canada
   • CdnVISA fees are very cost effective and
     mostly contingent upon your immigration results
   • CdnVISA fees are payable in stages over time