• The CdnVISA RoadMap™
• Exclusive Immigration Programs
• Access Expertise & Experience
• Immigration Team Approach
• Personalized Commitment
• Expedite Your Immigration Case
• Reduce Your Risk, Stress and Uncertainty

Why Risk?

Your immigration is probably the first time you will have any
contact with the Canadian immigration system.

Your immigration is too important to trust it to anyone
who is not a regulated, experienced, licensed, insured
and bonded professional.

CdnVISA Immigration Consultants know how the Canadian immigration
system works, and will guide you through the process to
ensure that you file the right documents to the right
government office, at the right time.

CdnVISA RoadMap™

An exclusive benefit to clients of CdnVISA.

Your RoadMap™ coordinates, tracks and reports
your immigration case throughout the course of
your immigration to Canada
Your RoadMap™ provides you with a logical, consecutive,
clearly stated,written set of tasks and responsibilities for
every participant in your immigration process.
CdnVISA RoadMap™ - An invaluable tool
only available from CdnVISA.

CdnVISA Immigration Consultants

Suite 1 Advisory Building
295 Broadway
Winnipeg, MB
R3C 0R9


Exclusive Immigration Programs

Only CdnVISA can offer you the unique programs
developed in-house by CdnVISA Immigration Consultants.

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Expertise & Experience

CdnVISA's CEO, Frank Goldberg, provides you with
educational, business, immigration experience and key contacts
earned over the last 45 years. You benefit from his uniquely
combined skill-set of being a Chartered Accountant,
a Management Consultant, a Certified Canadian Immigration
Consultant and a Licensed Manitoba Foreign Worker Recruiter.
He is the Founding President of the Manitoba Immigrants
Consultants Association and was the inaugural Manitoba
Chair of the Canadian Migration Institute.

The Immigration Team™

Your Immigration Case Management Team will be lead by
a licensed CdnVISA Immigration Consultant.
Your Immigration Team will become an integral part
of your entire immigration process to:

   • Solve your immigration puzzle
   • Keep you informed
   • Get you the results you want

Access CdnVISA's proffessional services, at extremely
competitive fee rates and terms. Determine your
Immigration visa eligibility at no cost or obligation.