The Canadian Federal Government and most provinces have
programs designed to offset Canada's skilled labour shortages.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada offers a free
Workbook for Canadian Foreign Workers                


               You May Enter Canada To Work And
          Remain To Become A Permanent Resident             

     Permanent Resident Visa rights extend to your spouse
                      and your dependant children


           Skilled Worker Immigration to Canada

                            A Two Step Process


As Licensed and Registered Foreign Worker Recruiters,
CdnVISA recruits Foreign Workers on behalf of
Canadian employers, who pay all the costs and fees
associated with the recruitment process.

Foreign Workers do not pay any recruitment costs.

No-Fee Placement Services

CdnVISA provides placement services to qualified Foreign
Workers at no charge. This service is an integral part of
Employer Recruitment services which CdnVISA provides
to Canadian employers on a fee-for-service basis.

Find out if you are qualified for
CdnVISA's No-Fee Placement Services.


Immigration Legal Services

As an immigration applicant you are responsible for your
immigration legal fees. Accordingly you should select an
Immigration Lawyer that will be free of any conflicts and
will act exclusively in your best interests.

To facilitate and accelerate your immigration process, we
recommend that you retain an Immigration Lawyer in advance.

Alternatively, you may hire an Immigration Lawyer or
Consultant after you are working in Canada.