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Canada is Open For Business
CdnVISA Excels in Business Immigration

Canada welcomes both experienced business people and senior executives to immigrate to Canada to help the Canadian economy.  

Business Applicants must either purchase, joint venture, partner, start or transfer a business in Canada that meets specified criteria.

For over 25 years, the CdnVISA Business FasTrackProgram has been reducing the unknowns, costs, risks and delays that can challenge prospective entrepreneurs new to the Canadian business environment.

CdnVISA’s Business FasTrackProgram strategically selects from the many currently applicable federal and provincial immigration programs and combines them with proven business techniques. 

The Business FasTrackProgram (exclusive to CdnVISA clients) is Canada’s fastest and most controllable business immigration program featuring:

  • Total investment flexibility
  • Business risk reduction
  • Minimized government imposed investment restrictions
  • Total investment control
  • Lower total immigration/investment costs
  • Maximized Return On Investment

Every business person and every business is different. 
That’s why every FasTrack™ Program is specifically designed and developed to meet your unique needs.

The Business FasTrack™ Program integrates:

An analysis of your:

  • Resources
  • Constraints
  • Objectives

Together with CdnVISA’s:

  • Extensive knowledge of the Canadian business environment
  • Experience and understanding of business concepts and processes
  • Network of Canadian business contacts
  • Creative business structuring and planning
  • Innovative application of applicable immigration programs

The mandatory CdnVISA Business Plan expedites the requirements of the various government agencies, the business applicant and any other involved third parties.

We're with you Every Step - All the Way

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What our Clients are saying

"Our Canadian operation owned a manufacturing facility in China.
When we re-organized, CdnVISA was able to transfer our key Chinese executives to Canada.

CdnVISA helped us to continue to grow without interruption."   

H. K. 
(Canadian Manufacturer) 

“My Nomination deposit was in jeopardy. MPNP refused to return my Security Deposit.

CdnVISA re-wrote my business plan and negotiated the release of my funds.

I would have lost $75,000, without CdnVISA’s ingenuity and tenacity.

Thank you CdnVISA!”

 M. N.
(Canadian business owner/operator)

"My scrap yard business thrived in my homeland but was impractical to establish in Canada. 

CdnVISA developed a business plan for an environmentally responsible metal recovery operation. Then they helped me to obtain a MPNP Nomination.

Very creative and financially responsible.”

P. N. 
(Now in business in Canada)


Your RoadMap™ coordinates, tracks and reports your process throughout the course of your immigration case

Your RoadMap™ provides you with a logical, and clear set of tasks and responsibilities for each and every participant in your immigration case

Your RoadMap™ identifies every expected approval from every government agency applicable to your circumstances

Your RoadMap™ establishes a series of easily understood immigration milestones that you can expect along the way


                      KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT

                                      CONTROL YOUR COSTS

Become a
Permanent Resident

  • Unrestricted employment
  • Government funded healthcare
  • Government funded schools
  • Government loans & grants
  • Home/business ownership

In Canada 
Everything is Possible

After 3 years as a Permanent Resident you may choose to apply for 

Canadian citizenship,

and in most circumstances,

 enjoy dual citizenship

Become a
Canadian Citizen

  • Vote in elections
  • Obtain a Canadian Passport
  • Enjoy visa free travel
  • Right to return to Canada
  • Run for public office