One of our unique solutions…

ClientFirst Plan


Our exclusive CdnVISA ClientFirst Plan is the most affordable and lowest risk Canadian immigration fee plan.

Here’s how it works: After your Consultation, we will propose a total fee. It will be all inclusive and fixed. Once we agree on the fee, we will divide it into a set number of monthly payments – tailored to fit your budget.

From this point on, as long as you pay your monthly fee until the total is paid, we will keep working for you until you reach your goal. We will keep working for you even if your initial Action Plan must change because the Canadian government changes its programs or policies.

With our ClientFirst™ Plan there are no surprises and no extra charges.

To manage your entire immigration project we will…

  • Develop the optimal immigration program for your situation.
  • Assume total responsibility for your immigration issues.
  • Manage your situation to deliver optimized results – on time and on budget.

In addition, the ClientFirst Plan has many additional benefits…

  • Unlimited access to CdnVISA services and expertise.
  • Preferential, no charge, employment search and placement services.
  • Unlimited Visa, Nomination and Work Permit submissions for you and your family.
  • Fixed CdnVISA fees regardless of government program changes.
  • CdnVISA professional services for any appeals or application revisions.
  • Business consulting services related to your immigration application.

You will have a licensed, bonded, and experienced Immigration Consultant by your side all the way – working with you to minimize your anxiety.

If this plan seems right for you, we invite you to get started with a no cost, no obligation assessment. (You may qualify for a free consultation.)