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Your Labour Shortage

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We're with you Every Step - All the Way

A Low Cost - High ROI - Fail Safe Strategy

Skilled Foreign Workers give Canadian employers a competitive advantage that no Canadian business can afford to overlook.

Gain access to a multitude of foreign recruitment offices with just one phone call:

  • Review resumes, interview applicants by telephone, in person and/or by Skype
  • Apply the same probationary precautions you currently employ with Canadian workers
  • Pay highly motivated foreign workers the same wages you would pay Canadian workers

We're with you Every Step - All the Way

How You Benefit

CdnVISA are licensed, certified Foreign Worker Recruiters. 

We will coach you through all the foreign worker challenges and help you to hire qualified applicants - at a fraction of your normal recruitment costs.

CdnVISA recruitment services will assist you to:

  • Save your time, money and resources
  • Source trained & experienced foreign workers
  • Comply with all Federal & Provincial regulations
  • Verify foreign worker qualifications & experience
  • Co-ordinate foreign worker interviews
  • Facilitate travel and work start issues
  • Resolve immigration issues for the foreign workers
  • Ensure appropriate documentation and audit trails

    Because we understand that every industry and every company’s labour situation is different, CdnVISA approaches each and every foreign worker recruitment assignment from the Employer’s unique perspective.
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 Find out if you are eligible to recruit and hire foreign workers

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What our Clients are saying

"CdnVISA solved our staffing problem.
They filed all the right applications at the right times and advised us on every aspect of the LMIA program.

Some of our recruits are already applying for Permanent Residence.

If you have a labor shortage you can't solve, I would recommend CdnVISA services to help you find the lowest-cost, highest ROI, foreign worker solution for your company." 

R. A. 
(Canadian Health Service Firm)

"CdnVISA allows us to respond to government requests for proposals (RFP) with the confidence that we will have the manpower to fulfill our undertakings.

Our competitors are in awe.
Our productivity has never been higher.

Thanks CdnVISA." 

A. G.  
(Rapidly growing Canadian
Construction Contractor) 

"CdnVISA solved our staffing problems.
This gives us a competitive advantage.
Now we can focus on customer service and do what we do best - logistics." 

 B. H.   
Vice President Operations
(Major transportation firm)


Your RoadMap™ coordinates, tracks and reports your process throughout the course of your immigration case

Your RoadMap™ provides you with a logical, and clear set of tasks and responsibilities for each and every participant in your immigration case

Your RoadMap™ identifies every expected approval from every government agency applicable to your circumstances

Your RoadMap™ establishes a series of easily understood immigration milestones that you can expect along the way


                      KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT

                                      CONTROL YOUR COSTS

Become a
Permanent Resident

  • Unrestricted employment
  • Government funded healthcare
  • Government funded schools
  • Government loans & grants
  • Home/business ownership

In Canada 
Everything is Possible

After 3 years as a Permanent Resident you may choose to apply for 

Canadian citizenship,

and in most circumstances,

 enjoy dual citizenship

Become a
Canadian Citizen

  • Vote in elections
  • Obtain a Canadian Passport
  • Enjoy visa free travel
  • Right to return to Canada
  • Run for public office