Express Entry Program

Canada is seeking immigrants

who can contribute to Canada’s economy

The Express Entry Program is available to educated and skilled immigrants who wish to work and settle in Canada as Permanent Residents.

You can apply to this program if you are qualified with:

  • A college or university degree, and,
  • Skilled work experience, and,
  • Sufficient English and/or French language skills 

Your qualifications are evaluated on a point system assessed by the Canadian Government on the basis of the digital profile you submit.

Your profile will be placed into an Express Entry pool and ranked by the Government’s Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS) system. 

Applicant’s with the highest CRS scores will be invited to apply for a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa.   

Benefits of the Express Entry Program

  • Express Entry is the fastest and least expensive pathway to Canadian permanent residence
  • Your application may result in fast processing time of 6 months or less
  • Your spouse and children can be included in your application
  • You can commence work in Canada as soon as you receive your Permanent Resident Visa

WHY CdnVISA Immigration Consultants?

The Express Entry program is a complex process. You will need a practical Action Plan, the timely submission of application documents, and continuous professional attention to detail.

With CdnVISA’s knowledge and experience, you will reduce your stress and greatly increase your chances of obtaining your Permanent Resident Visa. 


Schedule a CdnVISA Consultation to develop your Action Plan.  

At this Consultation CdnVISA will confidentially (and without obligation):

  • Understand your unique situation
  • Explore your Express Entry opportunities, timing and risks
  • Focus all CdnVISA’s experience and expertise upon your situation 
  • Identify any employment issues
  • Answer your specific questions
  • Discuss CdnVISA services available to you

Consultations may be scheduled at (204) 318-2347 x1 or by email