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Canadian Federal and Provincial Governments have numerous immigration programs that allow
Canadian Permanent Residents to sponsor their family and friends to immigrate to Canada.

Each program has specific terms and conditions and are continually changing.

Contact us to determine if an immigration program applies to your situation.

Reduce Your Risk 

Avoid Delays, Rejections and Disappointments

Save your time, money and emotional investment.

CdnVISA has helped unite hundreds of families in Canada since 1998.

CdnVISA will help you reunite with your family and friends by applying the program(s) best suited for your family situation and budget.

Find out if you are qualified to sponsor a family member to Canada

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What our Clients are saying

"We felt well informed and at ease.

Service was high quality, thoughtful and professional."

Jordan & Evelyn
Couple from USA
(Now happily married in Canada)

"My American fiancé was denied entry to Canada.

CdnVISA cleared up the government's misunderstandings and allowed us to get married within a month.

Thank you CdnVISA."

 C. M. 
(Now living the good life)

"Our family is now united - living and working in Canada.

We could't have done it without CdnVISA "

 P. D. 
(Now one big happy Canadian family)


Your RoadMap™ coordinates, tracks and reports your process throughout the course of your immigration case

Your RoadMap™ provides you with a logical, and clear set of tasks and responsibilities for each and every participant in your immigration case

Your RoadMap™ identifies every expected approval from every government agency applicable to your circumstances

Your RoadMap™ establishes a series of easily understood immigration milestones that you can expect along the way


                      KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT

                                      CONTROL YOUR COSTS

Become a
Permanent Resident

  • Unrestricted employment
  • Government funded healthcare
  • Government funded schools
  • Government loans & grants
  • Home/business ownership

In Canada 
Everything is Possible

After 3 years as a Permanent Resident you may choose to apply for 

Canadian citizenship,

and in most circumstances,

 enjoy dual citizenship

Become a
Canadian Citizen

  • Vote in elections
  • Obtain a Canadian Passport
  • Enjoy visa free travel
  • Right to return to Canada
  • Run for public office