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Hiring a Nanny in Winnipeg

Hiring a Nanny (childcare provider) for your children is an important decision.

It requires the integration of the appropriate recruitment, interview, and immigration strategies withan analysis of both yours and your children’s needs.

Hiring a nanny can be the solution that allows you the freedom and flexibility to pursue the lifestyle of your choice while your children are cared for in the familiar and comfortable surroundings of your own home.   

About the Home Child Care Program  

  • You may hire a nanny from either overseas or from within Winnipeg, MB Canada to provide childcare and light housekeeping duties.  Your nanny may reside outside your home.
  • The program criteria include a full time Job Offer with specified working conditions matched to specific program qualifications (language, education, training & experience), and the financial capacity to pay the nanny’s salary.
  • The current processing time for Winnipeg nanny applications is up to 12 months.

Benefits of the Childcare Program

  • The program allows you considerable Employment Contract flexibility
  • Your own relatives may be eligible to be your nanny
  • Your nanny’s family may work or study in Canada while awaiting their Permanent Resident Visas.  (You are not responsible for the nanny’s family living or immigration expenses)
  • Your nanny’s Permanent Resident Visa application can only be processed after 24 months of qualified work experience

WHY CdnVISA Immigration Consultants?

The nanny program is a complex process.  You will need a practical Action Plan, the timely submission of application documents, and continuous professional attention to detail.

With CdnVISA’s knowledge and experience, you will reduce your stress and greatly increase your chances of obtaining your nanny.   


Schedule a CdnVISA Consultation to develop your Action Plan.  

At this Consultation CdnVISA will confidentially (and without obligation):

  • Understand your unique situation
  • Explore your nanny opportunities, timing and risks
  • Focus all CdnVISA’s experience and expertise upon your situation 
  • Identify any employment issues  
  • Answer your specific questions
  • Discuss CdnVISA services available to you

Consultations may be scheduled at (204) 318-2347 x1 or by email info@CdnVISA.com.