Become a CdnVISA Ambassador

CdnVISA operates a global network of Ambassadors

Canadian Law requires that any person that provides immigration, recruitment or placement services,
must be registered, licensed,regulated and insured with the appropriate authorities

As a CdnVISA Ambassador, you will have the competitive advantage over unauthorized representatives

by being in complete compliance with Canadian Law

CdnVISA provides Ambassadors’ prospects with immigration assistance and/or job placement services

  • Ambassadors market CdnVISA services to prospects
  • CdnVISA provides prospects with immigration and job placement services

Ambassadors May Only Receive Fees directly from CdnVISA Immigration Consultants

Benefits of the CdnVISA Ambassador System:

  • Contracted Ambassador Fee structure
  • Unlimited territorial rights (recruit from any country)
  • Ambassador Business/Action Plans
  • Ambassadors ONLY provide marketing services - CdnVISA provides all immigration services
CdnVISA will:
  • Provide “No Fee” job placement services to eligible Ambassador applicants
  • Provide all required forms & documents
  • Maintain a Canadian Employer database
  • Maintain a database of Canadian businesses suitable for business immigration
  • Represent a multitude of Canadian Learning Institutes suitable for Foreign Students

CdnVISA Ambassadors are responsible for a one time Ambassador Fee
to offset a portion of the start-up costs to integrate the Ambassador into the CdnVISA system,
which includes:

  • Business Plan
  • Ambassador Training
  • Documentation
  • Administration

Both CdnVISA and their Ambassadors operate in strict adherence to
Canadian Government and ICCRC Regulations that require:

  • CdnVISA contract directly with each client
  • 100% of client fees are processed through CdnVISA’s Trust Account