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QuikStart Employee Recruitment Program

We will solve your labour shortages

Foreign Workers are a low cost, high return strategy.

No Canadian business can afford to overlook the foreign worker opportunity.

Benefits of foreign workers

  • Lower costs.

  • A wide selection of qualified applicants.

  • Reduced staff turnover – elimination of “Job Jumping.”

  • Highly motivated workers who earn the same wages as Canadian workers but are contracted to work for you exclusively.

Why recruit through CdnVISA?

CdnVISA are experienced, bonded Foreign Worker Recruiters and licensed Immigration Consultants.

We guide you through the Canadian government program to recruit qualified foreign applicants economically, and at reduced risk to you through our exclusive…

QuikStart Employee Recruitment Program

The QuickStart Program will reduce your staffing hassles and costs.

The QuickStart Program allows qualified employers to apply for government approvals on a per employee basis – payable during the employee’s term of employment (12 – 30 months).

CdnVISA takes some of the risk by absorbing a portion of the application costs, and CdnVISA defers your recruitment fee until your employee commences work.


The application submission fee is $1000. Your additional cost per employee is only $1500 plus $100 per month payable only during the term of employment (maximum $1500)

Disbursements are limited to a 5% administration fee and a maximum of $500 for advertising costs.

NOTE: Some government programs may impose a processing fee of up to $1000 per position (payable directly to the government).


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