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Can You Fit Into Canada's Labour Force?

Canada has numerous programs specifically designed to offset Canada skilled labour shortages.

Foreign workers can only work in Canada under the terms of a Work Permit.

While you are working in Canada, You may apply to become a Permanent Resident.

CdnVISA can help you fit in - If you can fit into one of Canada's immigration programs - you can apply for a Work Permit.

Workers' spouses can work in Canada, their children may attend tuition free public schools, and the entire family can
benefit from no cost government health systems.

Skilled Worker Immigration is a Two Part Process

Job Placement

You will require:

  • A Job Offer from a qualified Canadian employer who has a Government certificate from either:
             - Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) or;
             - Employer Direct (ED)
  • A Work Permit from the Canadian Government


While working in Canada, you may, without leaving Canada:

  • Extend your Work Permit
  • Apply for Express Entry
  • Apply for Provincial Nomination
  • Apply for Permanent Residence in Canada

We're with you Every Step - All the Way

CdnVISA Integrates Services

CdnVisa is contracted by employers to recruit Foreign Workers to solve their labour shortages
Employers pay 100% of the costs and fees associated with the recruitment process

CdnVISA places Skilled Workers with our employer clients
There is no cost or fee to Skilled Workers for these placement services
Skilled Workers are only responsible for their own immigration consulting fees


What our Clients are saying

"CdnVISA helped find me a job in Canada that fit my unique skill-set and worked closely with me to get all the required documents to successfully apply for my Work Permit. 

I would highly recommend their service.
We couldn't have done it without CdnVISA's knowledge and support."

(Now happily working in Canada.)

"My wife and I are now enjoying a life of convenience, comfort and safety because CdnVISA was able to find us an overseas
Caregiver and arranged for all the immigration paperwork.

Thanks to CdnVISA, we both have time to enjoy our retirement." 

 M. M. 
(Now golfing in Canada)

"Both my husband and I are physicians.

Although we enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle back home, we wanted our children to have the safety and unlimited opportunities only Canada can offer. 

CdnVISA has made our dreams come true."

 Q & N 
(Now Canadian professionals)


Your RoadMap™ coordinates, tracks and reports your process throughout the course of your immigration case

Your RoadMap™ provides you with a logical, and clear set of tasks and responsibilities for each and every participant in your immigration case

Your RoadMap™ identifies every expected approval from every government agency applicable to your circumstances

Your RoadMap™ establishes a series of easily understood immigration milestones that you can expect along the way


                      KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT

                                      CONTROL YOUR COSTS

Become a
Permanent Resident

  • Unrestricted employment
  • Government funded healthcare
  • Government funded schools
  • Government loans & grants
  • Home/business ownership

In Canada 
Everything is Possible

After 3 years as a Permanent Resident you may choose to apply for 

Canadian citizenship,

and in most circumstances,

 enjoy dual citizenship

Become a
Canadian Citizen

  • Vote in elections
  • Obtain a Canadian Passport
  • Enjoy visa free travel
  • Right to return to Canada
  • Run for public office